Phonetic Typing keyboard | ফনেটিক কীবোর্ড

Phonetic Bangla Keyboard is becoming popular to the bangali writer because it is very easier than other keyboard but it is not available like other bangla keyboard. If you want to write your bangle text with Phonetic Bangla Keyboard, you search because in this site we add Phonetic Bangla Keyboard. By using this keyboard you will write your document very easily. For your benefits we add key map and instruction of difficult word so that you can this keyboard easily.

How to write Bangla phonetically?

Take a look below at the character map. It shows you the key map to every character. You just press them and you will see bangla as output. As this is phonetic, You have to write kars after the character. Here are some examples:

কী ম্যাপ